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Tatiana Osokina
Updated Monday 19, 2020 15:28

Every Dealer using the website need to create an account to get dealer discount. Every user with an account should be approved before he/she is able generate and share quotes, access past quotes and online orders.

Website Link
New Account Registration page -
Every field in the form needs to be filled out before submission. list of requiered fileds
1. Email #1
“Please verify your email” - sends after clicking "create account" on New account registration form
User copy
2. Email #2
“Special-T Registration Confirmation” - sends after clicking "Verify my email" in "Please verify your email"
3. Email #3
"Account Approval Confirmation" (Your Special-T Account is Approved) email sends after account approval by Super Admin/Admin User

Additional Emails
Re-send Email Verification, Request Additional Info

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