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Create clean, healthy and sustainable working environment
for safe return to work

CORE by Safe-T is designed for employees’ safety and peace of mind. It operates as a one-stop resource to create a COVID safe environment for people working in commercial offices, healthcare, assisted living facilities, and educational spaces.

In accordance with CDC guidelines for workplace safety, Safe-T’s innovative desking design meets the challenges of air purification, social distancing and blocking of toxic exhalations. CORE is ideal for Hoteling and Hot-Desking. The solutions for the COVID pandemic must be permanent to avoid toxicity, spread of illnesses and loss of productivity.

CORE meets 3 primary challenges of post-COVID work environments

1Social Distancing
  • 3 separate workstations
  • Each workstation spans 120°
  • Each employee is positioned 6' apart
Core - Social Distancing
Core - Protective Barriers
2Protective Barriers
  • Funnel exhalations directly into air purifier
  • Extend 30” above worksurface
  • Made with cleanable anti-microbial PET material
3Air Purification

Remove 99.998% of viruses, bacteria & fungus with commercial grade air purification system*. The Air Purifier draws air in from 360 degrees around the device. As the air is drawn through the bottom of the unit, it passes through the HEPA-Rx Filter, the Activated Carbon Filter and the Germicidal UV-C+ Photocatalytic Nano-TiO2 chamber. At the final stage, the purified air moves through the Revitalizing Negative Ion Generators near the air outlet and releases negative ions into the air.

Touchless Control

Hand Gesture Control Sensor helps prevent cross-contamination

Touchless Control
Digital display

Digital display

Shows levels of air flow, power, light and UV indicator

Absorption Process

Activated Carbon Insert
Absorbs VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Activated Carbon Insert Absorbs VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Touchless Control
Digital display
Absorption Process
Re-Energize the Air
Virus & Bacteria destruction
Particles Capture
Re-Energize the Air

Re-Energize the Air

The negative ion generator makes indoor air feel more pure, clean and energized.

Virus & Bacteria destruction

Ultraviolet Light (UV) & Titanium Dioxide Chamber (T102) degrades chemicals, damages bacterial membranes, inactivates viruses and oxidizes VOC's

Virus & Bacteria destruction
HEPA-Rx Filters

Particles Capture

HEPA-Rx Filter removes 99.998% of particles at 0.1 microns in size, the size of a typical virus

Captures microscopic
particles in the air
Absorbs odors
and gases
Kills bacteria and viral
Ruptures the DNA of viruses
and bacteria, effectively
destroying them

6 Stages of Air Purification


Core Stationary
Height Adjustable
Height Adjustable
*Desk is controlled independently with
programmable up/down switch


Ample connections for electric and USB outlets, single or dual adjustable monitor arms,
several pedestal options for storage, dozens for laminate and wood veneer options, wide array of metal finishes.

Power/Data Management
Monitor Arms

Resources & Downloads

* Independent studies available

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