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Special-T launches CET Designer Extension

Configura, the maker of CET Designer, announced today Special-T, the nation’s largest table-only manufacturer, has launched a CET Designer Extension.

“We’re thrilled to release our new CET Designer Extension because it makes table specification process simple, highly visual and error-free,” Special-T Vice President of Business Development Tatiana Rodoslavova said.

Special-T offers a full array of commercial grade tables, table bases and accessories for the office furniture industry designed to fit in any application at any price point. The initial launch features Special-T’s most popular tables like AIM, LINK, Sienna, Patriot Electric and Liberty Electric, all with the PGC capability. The company will continue to expand its Catalogue and CET Designer Extension to provide customers full access to its products and options.

Used by thousands of people globally, CET Designer helps manufacturers and their dealers by providing a single software solution for space planning and product ordering. The solution is used in industries that manufacture

configurable products including office furniture, kitchen and bath, material handling, industrial machinery and laboratory/healthcare.

CET Designer is Configura's "core" Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC)-based software platform. An Extension is an addition to the program with functionality that incorporates all of the rules, parts and pricing of a given manufacturer's products.

The CET Designer Extension adds to Special-T’s collection of customer-centric tools including ProjectMatrix and KISP as well as Special-T’s 100% accurate and complete Product Configurator.

Special-T’s CET Designer Extension is free and available to all their customers. It can be downloaded via Configura’s Marketplace.

Special-T customers with questions about the new CET Designer Extension can contact Project Manager Kristen McVey at kristen@specialt.net.   

“We are excited to welcome Special-T to our community and now even more designers and dealers will be able to access their products through CET Designer,” Configura Business Development Manager Brooke Snow said. “We’re pleased we could help Special-T simplify its specification and sales process and we’re looking forward to seeing their CET Designer Extension grow.”

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