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Logging in
Every reseller needs to create an account to make purchases, view net prices or generate quotes. To create an account, click on SIGN UP on the top of the page. Click on Create Account button. Please fill out all the required fields on the form. In addition, you will need to provide your Reseller Exemption Certificate. Please attach it to the e-mail provided in the form. Once we receive your form and a copy of Reseller Exemption Certificate, your account will be approved and reseller discount applied. When you log in thereafter, you will see both list and net prices on the website. You can also check status of your orders, generate and update quotes, and view your shipping information.

Placing order at SpecialT.net


Finding the Items

To order, simply select your product category on the top of any page: tables by application, tables by collection, tables by lead time or table bases. Select a subcategory, then a desired product. The products are sorted alphabetically. You can also search our site by entering a keyword into the search bar at the top of any page. Detailed product information is just a click or two on the item image or the keyword of item.

Adding Items to Your Shopping Bag

Once you've found an item you'd like to order, click "Configure Table". The configurator allows you to choose any of the available options step by step. In order to proceed to the next step click "Next Option". To help you decide which options to select, we have added Help Me Choose links on the option bar. Once you click on the link, more information will be available to you. If you still have questions, please contact our Customer Service team Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm EST at 888-705-0777. Once you're done with configuring your table, "Generate Quote" and "Purchase" buttons become active, so you can complete your order or generate quote.

Visiting Shopping Bag

To visit your Shopping Bag, click the Shopping Bag icon at the upper right corner of any page. All items quantity and total amount will be displayed which indicate you’ve added items for the latest visit on SpecialT.net

Saving an Item for Later Purchase

If you have an item in your Shopping Bag you'd like to purchase during another visit, simply close your browser or click “Add more items”. All your added items will be automatically saved and never be removed.

What else in shopping cart

There is something very useful in shopping cart that you will never miss out. “Edit” your saved item without remove it manually. “Clone” the existing item if you like to have another one with different size and color. Immediately pay for the order without register in SpecialT.net. More recommend items is available in “You may also like”. 

Checking Out and Completing Your Order

From your Shopping Bag, click the "Check Out" button. You need to be logged in to complete your order.

If you have an SpecialT.net account, just Sign in, and we'll automatically fill in available shipping and billing information to save time during checkout. 

If you don't have an SpecialT.net account, you can register now. Once you have completed your order, you will be informed with detailed order information and the time for the package you are going to receive.

Proceed through the checkout screens, click or edit the required information for shipping address and shipment methods. The progress indicator will show you how we make and ship the order as well as the time we are going to spend on. Click “Leave a message” to write anything you like to require more on your placed order, such as the shipping and other order related requirements.

 If you like to pay for the order, then go ahead with the button “Place Order”

 In the following page, you will be noticed to look over your order summary, an order number has already generated for you. The following indicator will let you know Payment Information sections.

Find the button “Pay” at the last step of your order placement, click it to accomplish the ordering.

We'll send you an order confirmation via email, to be followed by a shipping notification with tracking information. Please feel free to ask our customer service via Contact Us if you have questions or comments about your order.


Addresses and personal information

Your addresses and personal information may not just merely a recording that in case of the failure of shipment but the key to our further assistance and servicing. You will be ensured that your personal information and addresses has been encrypted and will not be disclosed to any other third party for illegal usage.

Choose one of the options below to update your address and/or personal information.
Sign In SpecialT.net with your registered email and access to “My Account”;
or send your new contact information via SpecialT.net customer service center;
or you may call us at 888-705-0777;
or mail us to Special-T 11820 Wills Road Suite 140 Alpharetta, GA 30009.

Please understand the email for registry shall not be removed or substituted after the finishing of account registration.

I can't log in

Please read carefully with the following tips if you find hard to login SpecialT.net. You may Sign in your account with your email address or user id which used for account registry. Ensure that cookies from www.SpecialT.net are accepted in your browser (Internet Explorer or others). Please test logging in with a different computer or browsers if find failure sign in for multiple times with the same browser. If there’s no way to sign in, please new create an account to place order. You are free to contact our customer service center to check the status of your placed orders in the old account.

Is it safe to shop at SpecialT.net?

At SpecialT.net, we go to the extreme to ensure the safety of our customers' information. We do not store your payment information and the offering of the following secure tips and the insurance to your personal information is safe when you shop at SpecialT.net. Payments made through PayPal are processed by Paypal Company, It is considered to be secure and trustworthy.

A Verisign Secured is applied since the site establishment and this may keep your payment in a security way. The following seal is posted for certification.

Popular Web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL Explorer and Safari) support SSL technology. To ensure you're getting the best protection available, we recommend using the latest version of your browser software and downloading security updates as they become available.

 Following are a few more suggestions for maintaining the security of your computer and the information you provide online.

 Install software only if you are certain it is from a trusted source.

Use public computers only if they are maintained by a trusted source, and always be sure to log out of your milanoo.com account and shut down the web browser before leaving the computer.

If you are presented with a link to SpecialT.net in email or on another site, and are unsure whether it is valid, do not click the link. Instead, type www.SpecialT.net in your browser's address field to access our site directly.

 Links to Other Sites

Occasionally we provide links on our Web site to other sites to enhance the functionality and shopping experience. These sites operate independently of SpecialT.net and have established their own security and privacy policies. For the best online experience, we strongly encourage you to review these policies  at any site you visit.


Please choose a password that is easy to be remembered it is recommended to set your password with the combination of numbers and characters.

You can reset your password online at any time.

For security purposes, any saved credit card information is deleted when you reset your password.

The best way to do this is to take the following steps:

l Visit the website and click on "Sign in" in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
l Log in to your account by entering your previous e-mail address or user id and password.
l Once logged in, click on "Password Modification" towards the left hand side of the page.
l Type your new password on the first line.
l Type your new password on the second line to double confirm
l Type your original password on the third line
l Click "Modify"
l Your password will be updated.

Also, we would be happy to update your password for you over the phone. For security purposes, we ask that you call SpecialT.net customer service center at 888-705-0777 to confirm your account information.

Or email us via "Contact Us", one of our customer service representatives may assist to update your password.

Upon verification, we will be glad to take care of your request immediately. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you

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