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If you are new to Special-T

Logging in
Every reseller needs to create an account to make purchases, view net prices or generate quotes. To create an account, click on SIGN UP on the top of the page. Click on Create Account button. Please fill out all the required fields on the form. In addition, you will need to provide your Reseller Exemption Certificate. Please attach it to the e-mail provided in the form. Once we receive your form and a copy of Reseller Exemption Certificate, your account will be approved and reseller discount applied. When you log in thereafter, you will see both list and net prices on the website. You can also check status of your orders, generate and update quotes, and view your shipping information.

Creating a Quote at SpecialT.net

Finding the Items

There are 3 ways to search for products. 1. Search our site by entering a keyword into the search bar at the top of any page 2. Select product category from the drop down menu on top of each page, or 3. Navigate to product filter page https://www.specialt.net/tables and find product by applying applicable filters.

Generating Quotes

When creating quotes utilizing the Product Configurator, you benefit from accessing accurate pricing immediately - 24/7. The easy step-by-step process takes you through the options while providing visual guidance and information to build your quote.

To begin generating quote, navigate to the desired product Landing Page or product filter page, www.specialt.net/filters, select product and click on Configure and Price button. Select desired options by following the steps. Once all options are selected review your quote and click on Generate Quote button. Each quote is saved under My Quotes on My Account Page. You will received a copy of your Quote via email.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Customer Service team Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm EST at 888-705-0777.

Placing an order

You need to be logged in to complete your order. After clicking “Generate Quote” in Configurator the quote will be saved in “My quotes” under “My account”. Click the “Checkout” button inside the quote to continue checkout process. After all required fields are filled out click “Place Your Order” to complete the purchase.

We'll send you an order confirmation via email. Please contact our customer service team via email orders@specialt.net if you have questions or comments about your quote or tracking information on your order.

I can't log in

If you experience difficulty signing into your account, ensure that cookies from www.SpecialT.net are accepted in your browser. We recommend using one of the following browsers – Google Chrome (preferable), Microsoft Edge, Safari or Firefox. Please DO NOT USE Internet Explorer. Please test logging in with a different computer or browsers if you fail to sign in using the same browser. Please contact Customer Service if you need further assistance.


To ensure the security of your information we recommend  youcreate a strong password. There are minimum Password Requirements you must follow: 8 characters minimum; at least 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, 1 special character (. ! @ # $ etc.)

You can reset your password online at any time under “My Account” in Update Login/Password section. Our Customer Service team can update your password for you over the phone 888-705-0777. You can email your request to CustomerService@specialt.net .

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