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Special-T Updates Content For Industry Design Tools 20/20 Cap & Giza,Project Matrix And The KITS

100% of Special-T tables, table bases and options are now in 20/20's CAP and GIZA and Project Matrix including 2D and 3D symbols.

Special-T, the one-stop resource for tables and related products for the office workspace, recently updated its content for the industry’s leading design tools, 20/20 CAP & GIZA, Project Matrix and the KITS Collaborator. The new content, which was released on April 1, 2020, includes updated price lists and an extensive array of new products, including the Cast Iron 2.0 line of tables for breakrooms and cafés, the Liberty Electric height-adjustable table, Relax occasional tables and adjustable monitor arms. The update for 20/20 CAP & GIZA is available on the April update disk distributed by 20/20 or it can be downloaded from the 20/20 website www.2020.net. The updates for Project Matrix and the KITS Collaborator are available from their respective websites (https://projectmatrix.com and https://www.kisp.com/kits).

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