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A Proven Workhorse That Gets The Job Done

Kingston constitutes best value, complements various design styles and provides a wide range of options - from numerous heights to casters, from folding to flipping whatever is needed in today's fast pacing office and classroom environments. 5 table shapes form 15 room configurations. This kind of smart flexibility throughout a day allows for quick and easy space adaptations to accommodate any group size or activity

360° View

Kingston Stationary
Kingston’s strength and durability are unmatched; its simple lines and numerous options make it the right table for a host of applications.
Kingston Flip & Nest
Kingston Flip & Nest provides flexible solutions for busy classrooms and training rooms. With standard locking casters and single point latch mechanism it offers tight nesting for small spaces.


3 Heights
3 inches heights




3 Leg Styles
kingston table 3 legs styles




kingston stationary table with T leg and standard caster option kingston stationary table with T leg and standard caster option
Standard for T & C Legs
kingston table 3 legs styles kingston table 3 legs styles
Skate for Arched Leg
Built-In Concealed Wheels
Built-In EZ-Roll Caster Built-In EZ-Roll Caster
* Casters are on both legs
Folding Option
Flip-top Release
Spring Clip Height Adjustable
EZ Roll

Unlimited Configurations

With five top shapes Kingston tables can be connected in infinite ways in minutes.


*Need other shapes? Call 888-705-0777



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